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Threat N Ink Issue #7 - Kreature Kompendium


Image of Threat N Ink Issue #7 - Kreature Kompendium

Threat N Ink Issue 7 is an 84 page zine of Monster Manual worship. 27 artists and nearly 70 monsters fill the pages of this art zine meets RPG zine. Full color cover, with 84 black and white pages of art inside. Each issue comes with two stickers and a random colored button and a map* of the island where all these kreatures reside.

Zine rating is PG-13 for brief cartoon nudity, a few curse words, a few mentions of drugs and of course fantasy violence and evil.

*Just a note on the map, due to a malfunction (my foot breaking the USB drive) the one page map will be delayed, I am working on restoring it now, and it will be mailed separately to you hopefully soon. My apologies to all of you!

**Note #2-International Shipping sucks - I am very sorry about that, but unfortunately there is just no way around it.